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In support of healthy people


a healthy planet


Manskracht provides consultancies and strategic advice in support of healthy people and a healthy planet - in the Netherlands and internationally. I use my expertise on (global) health, health systems, women's rights, gender & diversity, and social justice.


Manskracht has a track record of projects and partnerships. Activities range from project management and conducting research to organising expert meetings and participatory video workshops.



In my blog I share updates of projects and thoughts. These blogs might have been published elsewhere.



I am a health scientist with over 20 years of experience as a policy advisor, consultant, researcher and lecturer in the field of global health, health politics, health and social care, environmental health, migration, gender and social justice. I have developed and supported impactful networks and partnerships of e.g. (civil society) organisations, trade unions, research institutes and policy makers. As an independent thinking team player with soft skills I can support you with developing and managing activities and projects, conducting (policy) research and writing project deliverables. As a moderator/ facilitator I can bring the most out of the discussions. I see myself as curious, friendly, insightful, energetic, well-grounded, committed and flexible.



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