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Addressing Inequalities Toward Inclusive Governance for Achieving One Health

Dr Eliudi Eliakimu and I call for inclusive governance in addressing inequalities to achieve One Health in our article published in Frontiers in Public Health.

We argue that in the context of the SDGs, in order to achieve One Health through inclusive governance, and tackle inequalities, the following needs to be considered and addressed:

  • increasing number of armed conflicts;

  • ongoing COVID-19 pandemic;

  • ensuring availability of water and sanitation facilities;

  • improving city and urban areas planning to cope with climate change;

  • improving governance arrangements for addressing climate change factoring gender and human rights;

  • multisectoral planning for conservation of oceans, seas, and marine resources;

  • balancing trade regulation of wildlife trade with conservation efforts;

  • need for a research collaborative involving experts from environmental sciences, wildlife, agriculture and human health to study and develop scientific evidence on contribution of changes in land use practices to occurrence of zoonotic diseases;

  • and need of a legislation for promoting animal welfare to protect public health.

Also, inclusion of people with disabilities in the use of digital technologies is critical.


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