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Little attention to harmful effects of PFAS in election programmes

Although the issue is high on the agenda for many citizens, only 11 out of 18 political parties pay attention to PFAS in their election manifestos. This is according to an analysis by the Tegengif Foundation, which I conducted on its behalf. Only six parties call for a ban on 'forever chemicals' PFAS. "A missed opportunity, given the health risks of these harmful substances for current and future generations."

"It is a pity that so few parties push for a total ban on the production of PFAS," says Annelies den Boer, president of Tegengif Foundation. "This way, it will take even longer before a generation can grow up in a non-toxic environment."

Tegengif-colleagues turned my quick-scan of the political programmes on PFAS and chemicals into an article and press release.


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