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Taking up from COP26 going forward

In this article, Eliudi Eliakimu and I recall the urgency of climate action, the goals of COP26 (that took place from 31st October to 12th November 2021). We and provide suggestions for topics that might deserve a place in a possible update of the book "Survival: One Health, One Planet, One Future" by George R. Lueddeke.

These topics include (i) a critical analysis of the effects of Russia and Ukraine War and lessons from the perspective of One Health and Wellbeing; (ii) progress in various countries in using the One Health approach to address issues that affect the health and wellbeing of population (equity), the environment and ecosystems in general (including global trends in non-communicable diseases and antimicrobial resistance); and (iii) look at the current global governance systems in relation to how they can better function proactively to prevent future wars (interconnected challenges).

You can find the article here.

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