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Gardening Project - Part 003

And then... there was water! What an amazing feeling when the hand pump actually pumped groundwater that we can use for watering the plants and tiny fruit trees.

Rain events have been lacking for the last couple of weeks; we actually had a lot of sun, it was rather windy and the humidity was very low - thus, the evaporation rate was very high and the seedlings needed manual watering, soon rather than later. This might continue for a while, since the weather forecast is predicting more sun and no rain for the next one and a half week.

Transport: the bicycle

We bought a hand pump and a hose of 7 meter to put into the borehole (that was already there).

On our bicycles we took everything to the vegetable garden along with some gear for installation.

Installation: step-by-step

Next to the borehole we removed soil and hammered two wooden poles next to it with a metal one for stability.

Two wooden boards provide extra stability.

With a coupling piece we attached the hose to the hand pump. The plastic pipe helps to protect the hose from the sun. The next step was to screw the hand pump on a stained wooden plate and attach it to the wooden poles.

And there it is - the hand pump in full glory and in front if it a tiny apple tree that will benefit from the water.


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