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Gardening Project - Part 004

Seedlings! Growing plants, and watching them grow, from seed is a great way to start gardening earlier in the season. And it is so much fun! (Have I mentioned that before?) Look here, beetroot seedlings in full glory. But they don't look so different from other seedlings...


Peek a boo, the first beetroot seedling popping up.

And then there were more. The beetroot seedlings currently are grown-up enough to have their own pot and grow stronger outside. Because several seedlings can grow from one beet seed, we thinned them by pinching some off at ground level. Between the seedling leaves the true leaves start to appear.


The Tagetes seedlings grow steady.


And, yes, one of the Dahlia seedlings is growing its first true leaves. The others are lagging behind. Perhaps we have watered them too little or too much? Or is it too cold or too warm? Or do we just require some more patience?


Seedlings of celeriac took a bit longer and are finally popping up.


And we started to grow a new vegetable for the garden. But we'll require (again) some patience with these tomato seeds for the first seedlings to appear.

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